I Love Everything About Beer

Flight of light to dark beer.
Flight of Beer. © Dreamer82 | Dreamstime.com

The styles and types of beer are as diverse as the landscapes of earth. After prohibition and up until the craft beer movement people in the United States and elsewhere were very limited on beer styles. In short, if you did not like lagers you did not like beer. This has changed in recent years; however, and more people are finding that they really do like beer or at least can appreciate certain styles of it.

Beer color can be as light as straw to as dark as black raisins and contrary to popular belief the color is not a predictor of how sweet or bitter a beer is.  Beer can be light to heavy in alcohol, or somewhere in-between, and again it does not necessarily affect the flavor. What really affects the flavor of beer is how much and what variety of grain is used, the amount of un-fermentable sugars that are left after the brewing process and most importantly the amount, variety, and bitterness of the hops used. There are of course other factors but these are the main ones in a simplified form.

No matter the flavor, beer makes me smile. Even the lagers that are from the pre-craft beer movement make me smile because somewhere out there someone loves it. I love talking to other beer lovers about beer because they smile when they talk about it which in turn make me smile.  I really love talking to brewers about beer because they love to share their knowledge and I always learn something, in addition, their general enthusiasm for their craft is very contagious.

Also, the comradery amongst craft breweries is amazing.  The closest thing I can relate this to is when I used to bracket-race at a dragstrip in Tennessee.  All of the drivers and their crews would support each other by lending parts, tools and even manual labor because in reality they are competing against themselves and the clock.  Brewers tend to be the same way because they are trying to be consistent with all of their batches of flagship beer and trying to perfect their specialty beers to their own standards. Sure they might get inspired by the creations of other brewers, but their biggest competitor is themselves. This my friends, is why I love beer and all of the aspects of it.

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