Why Beer World Today?

It is our intent to keep you abreast of the directions in which beer is going.  But, to be totally forthcoming this sometimes means informing you of the past; after all, as the saying goes what is old is new again.  As you read the articles/stories on this site you will discover that many breweries research beers from the past, sometimes from centuries ago, to discover “new” ways to brew beer.

Beer World Today has been created to share all of the stories that beer has to share. This site is intended for all beer lovers, novices all the way through enthusiasts and up to experts.  Our contributors may not be experts in all areas, but we do our best to interview those that are and to share the experience with you.

As you read on you will find that we also share our personal experiences and adventures as they relate to beer.  Please keep in mind that just because we might not like a particular beer or brewery does not mean that you should follow suit. Every human has a different palate and in many cases an evolving palate, thus you should always follow the beers you like and once in a while try the ones that you might not like to ensure that you discover all of the beers that agree with your palate.

We hope that you find this site informative and entertaining.


Snifter of stout poured on Nitro.
Dark Stout Drawn on Nitro. Image by Chris Burgess